Australian Ambassador to Russia Hr. Les Rowe and Konstantin Rudnikov near Australian meat stand at the World Food Show in Moscow.jpg

Australian Ambassador to Russia Hr. Les Rowe and Konstantin Rudnikov
near Australian meat stand at the World Food Show in Moscow

Welcoming words from the President of The Australian Trade House Ltd

Dear colleagues, partners and clients!

I’m glad to welcome you to the Australian Trade House website.

Almost 15 years ago, Australian Trade House was established and began carrying out direct deliveries of chilled/frozen meat from Australia and New Zealand.Back in 1996 such an idea seemed improbable, but nevertheless tempting and inviting.

Nowadays, it seems almost impossible to surprise restaurant visitors or supermarket customers in Russia, with Australian /New Zealand lamb or Australian marbled beef but they would be astonished if they could not find or attain such products. As a company we have a come a long way from the foods services idea to becoming one of the major players in the Russian market today.

Australian Trade House forms its range of products with the guidance of their client’s specific requirements and needs. Such clients include restaurants, supermarkets, international hotels, wholesalers, retailers and gastronomic boutiques. We offer clients a wide assortment of delicacies, chilled and frozen meat, seafood, cheese, butter, wines and vegetables. Our aim is to continually improve and update our range of products, delivery systems, set of services and move towards expanding our market.

One of our successful ideas was the establishment of a portion control plant which has the modern equipment for cutting and vacuum packing.

Due to our wide selection of services, we are able to assist our clients with solving a number of problems:

  • Savings on time and effort;
  • Decreasing expenses on equipment and electricity;
  • Utilizing the most of kitchen space;
  • Observing and monitoring production with the use of technological cards;
  • Reducing waste on cuts;
  • Optimizing purchases in respect to client needs;
  • Providing them with affordable prices, without compromising quality.

Due to our strong business connections in Australia, New Zealand, South America, Central America and South East Asia, we have been able to create a stable and reliable logistics system that enables direct supply of chilled/frozen products from these regions to our warehouse in Moscow.

Australian Trade House has also a specialized transportation system, including a fleet of 26 trucks which carry out deliveries in Moscow and within the Moscow region. Our logistics department also allows us to distribute from our Moscow warehouse to most of all the regions in Russia – from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok.

Because of our stable and reliable relationship, we are able to offer our clients the following services:

  • Individual attention to the needs of each client;
  • Free managerial consultations;
  • Flexible discount system;
  • Convenient forms of payment;
  • Terms of payment;
  • Portion control plant which can produce to the client requirements;
  • Free samples;
  • Free delivery for orders within Moscow.

Overall, The Australian Trade House has had a remarkably successful 15 years of business, which is the result of dedication of our strong team of professionals. Not all of our projects have yet come into existence, we still have a long way to go and we are able and willing to do so!

We greatly appreciate your trust in us, your help and support during all these years!

With best regards,

Konstantin Rudnikov


Australian Trade House